• I had worked with Peter and Edge Architecture on different construction projects before, at a professional level; so when I needed help and guidance as a client on my proposed house building project, he was at the fore front of my mind.  I knew that his enthusiasm, quick thinking, complete in depth knowledge of the planning systems, talent and ability to produce a very standard of work; would come in very handy. To date he has exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you Peter.
Brian Gerhardt MBEng
  • Edge is a very client-focused practice, which solves both technical, budget and planning/ legal issues with a quiet efficiency.  As a private customer, I felt that billable hours were being judiciously applied at points in the project where they were of most strategic use.  The architect was also a font of useful information and contacts, which allowed me to handle many of the ancillary tasks myself.  Five stars.
Client Simon Cook
  • The proposed development responds well to its context. The architect has clearly understood the form of the 18th century housing that makes such a contribution to the character of the town and responded in a contemporary design that pays homage to these buildings.’

English Heritage – Richard Peats, Historic Buildings and areas advisor, 15 November 2010

  •  Peter was not afraid to combine the modern extension with the listed property although careful to source the new materials to complement the old..
Jo Fidler
  • Hi Peter and Annelies,  Great to hear you are happy with the bricks, looks like a possible entry for the BDA brick award for next year if you are happy for us to enter?  Mark

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